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Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles are good for whatever you need them - whether it is for commuting, health, lifestyle or financial reasons. You can cover longer distances with less effort in a shorter period of time all without needing a license. You can commute to work, school, college or university without being sweaty, and electric bikes can carry you and your baggage up and down hills without much effort. They make daily life a little more convenient and you can still become more active and get some exercise by manually pedaling when you can and switching on the electric motor when you are tired.


 Motor  500W  48V Brushless hub motor 
 Battery  48V/813AH Lithium
 Brake (Front / Rear)  Hydraulic Disc / Hydraulic Disc
 Frame  Aluminium Alloy
 Tire (Front / Rear)  26 x 4.0     26 x 4.0
 Front Fork  Can be locked without damping
 Weight  37 kg
 Drive System  Rear wheel drive
 Range  55-65 km (assistant distance)
 Speed  45 + km/h
 Transmission  Shimano 10-speed gears
 Dimension (mm)  1900 x 700 x 1100 mm
 Can remove battery with a key for charging 

EB8-2 Foldable

 Motor  250W  36V Brushless hub motor 
 Battery  36V/10AH Lithium
 Brake (Front / Rear)  V-Brake / V-Brake
 Frame  Iron
 Tire (Front / Rear)  20 x 2.125     20 x 2.125
 Front Fork  Hydraulic damping
 Weight  22 kg
 Drive System  Rear wheel drive
 Range  65-75 km (assistant distance)
 Speed  Up to 25 km/h
 Transmission No
 Dimension (mm)  
 Drives with a key
R28 000,00
R16 200,00