Why Electrical?

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Easy to budget, no money needed on a regular basis for fuel.

Due to the fact that electric vehicles are governed and heavy, an electric vehicle does not lean itself to reckless or irresponsible driving. That means there will be no dices, bundu-bashing and showing off with tricks.

Extremely low maintenance costs - no oil, water, filters, timing belts, plugs, etc.

Up to 95% more reliable than any vehicle using fuel.

Electric vehicles, under the same conditions, last up to 5 times longer than vehicles powered by fuel.

Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and quiet.

Schools, universities and colleges normally make provision for secure parking for scooters.
It's Safer
Massive Savings
More Reliable
24 Hour guaranteed repair turnaround time or you will be provided with an electric vehicle on loan until your vehicle is repaired.

Electric vehicles have a running cost of less than 10c per kilometer.

Electricity usage will amount to approx. R50 (fifty) per 1000 (one thousand) kilometer.

Due to the fact that the batteries are situated at the bottom of the vehicle frame, electric vehicles are more stable and maneuverable.

No fire hazard due to absence of fuel.

Prior to buying a scooter powered by fuel consider the cost of fuel, maintenance and the short life span.

Electric vehicles are the intelligent choice and will be economical in the long term.